Our Story

It began in 1994 with an idea, determination and lots of good old-fashioned hard work.

Some say we have sawdust in our veins. It’s probably true. We both grew up in woodworking families where the smell of sawdust lingered at the dinner table. Hard work was expected and a ‘good name’ was valued. It was on these foundational values that we founded Harris Hardwoods in 1994. We knew it was only a matter of time before we would follow in our families’ footsteps. What we didn’t know was where an idea, determination, and lots of good old-fashioned hard work would lead us.

We began by providing lumber to our local cabinet shops (and our families). Soon we added services like ripping, planing, and moulding in an effort to save them time and money. Little by little we grew and changed, and over time became a trusted supplier for these hardworking people.

Today we manufacture hardwood cabinet components, mouldings, edge glued panels, and specialty millwork for the kitchen and bath industry. We work with other industries as well and often partner with home builders, lumber and millwork distribution yards, RV manufacturers, architects, designers, and more. While our markets have broadened, our core focus is still on saving them time and money by outsourcing with us. From our modest beginnings in our backyard, we’ve become known not only for our superior quality and excellent customer service; but for growing a family-owned business where hard work and a ‘good name’ are still valued.

Our Promise

We value our good name, so we pledge to be not just good, but great.

We seek the best lumber from suppliers who are devoted stewards of the forests. We use state of the art equipment to manufacture precision cut mouldings and component parts. Our team has set the standard of fine craftsmanship in manufacturing products we’re proud to put our name on. Whether you want one moulding or a truckload, our expertise and machining technology will produce your order to exact specifications each and every time. That’s the Harris Hardwoods’ standard, and that’s our promise.

We Stand Behind Our Work

Our Team

Capability And Experience

At Harris Hardwoods, we come to work every day proud of what we do and the people we do it for. We want to be sure you love our work; so each and every order we receive is carefully handled from start to finish. Our goal is to be your trusted partner and a company you are proud to do business with. We believe in a job well done. We stand behind our work.


What We Can Do For You

Nearly all of our products and services are driven by the specifications of our customers. Our most popular value-added processes are listed here, but we love a challenge. Bring us the specifications and we’ll make it happen.

  • Ripping: Our optimizing gang rip saw with movable blades provides the best in production flexibility and efficiency while optimizing yields. Let us do the ripping for you!
  • Chopping: The computerized chop lines efficiently and effectively crosscut for fixed length cutting, random length cutting, defect removal and full optimization.
  • Trimming: We can double-end trim parts and equalize panels and blanks.
  • Moulding: Our state-of-the-art moulders are designed with revolutionary quick-set features and produce beautifully profiled mouldings.
  • Profile and Edge Sanding: Custom built sanders finesse your moulded profiles to a perfect, stain-ready finish.
  • Edge Gluing: We use non-toxic water-based glues to glue our panels and blanks. We take pride in color matching each panel by hand to ensure a beautifully blended wood panel or blank.
  • Face Gluing: Again, we use non-toxic water-based glues to face glue blanks.
  • Planer Sander: We have capabilities ranging from heavy stock removal to 180 grit Timesaver finish sanding.
  • Boring: Pocket holes, pilot holes, drilling, and counterboring available in certain applications.
  • Dovetailing: This service provides affordable “handcrafted” quality to your drawer construction, producing cleanly cut, quality dovetailed drawer sides.
  • Edge Profiling: Coping and end-matching available in certain applications.
  • Resawing: Resawing is simple in concept but has its challenges. Let us tackle this challenge for you.
  • Packaging: Specialized packaging and palletizing with barcoding identification.


At Harris Hardwoods we pride ourselves on our ability to produce “just one” or a semi-truck load.

Using the latest technology and computerized templating and tooling, we are able to set up machining and have the first piece be absolutely perfect. Want just one? We can do it! Need a truckload? We can do that too!


We place a high value on our forests as a renewable resource, committing ourselves to operating a zero waste operation. We use every sliver of wood we process in our core products; any waste is converted to wood chips and sold to secondary markets.

We also purchase renewable energy through our local co-op, utilize energy efficient fluorescent lighting throughout our facility and take advantage of passive solar light to illuminate our raw materials warehouse. We procure lumber from suppliers who are devoted stewards of the forest, use specialized equipment that optimizes yield and reduces waste; and, of course, on a much simpler level, we reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We know every little bit helps. We are proud of our efforts to protect our earth.