Why Choose Us

Why outsource with Harris Hardwoods?

Sometimes there’s just a better way to do things.
Our expertise can help you get things done.
Let us help you.
The bottom line – we add value to your bottom line.

Our Quality Products Mean Less Waste

  • Quality components simplify and improve manufacturing processes.
  • We lower your costs related to poor product, scrap, degrade, and rework.
  • Quality products help keep your operating budget on track.
  • We guarantee the quality of your product.

Our Responsive Partnership Saves Time & Money

  • Partnering with us means a smaller labor force for you and reduced labor costs.
  • We reduce your inventory and lessen waste with shorter lead times and JIT shipments.
  • Our expertise allows you to expand your business.
  • We are responsive. We partner with you to improve both your business and your bottom line.

The Bottom Line

As you enter our building you see our motto painted prominently on the wall “Great People, Great Results.” This sign is our reminder that in the end, all the tools and technology in the world aren’t nearly as important as the people who use them.

We, this team, are passionate about our lives, our work, and our success. We value great character, integrity, and perseverance, and it shows in our work. You can hear the pride in the voices of our sales staff and see it in the eyes of our woodcrafters.

We are serious about our success and yours. We are a great company. We promise you great results; and while we add value to your bottom line, the real bottom line is – we care.